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Monica BeyerHello! My name is Monica Beyer and I’ve been writing, in some form or another, since 2000, when this website was originally born — shortly after I had my second child.

I have four kids and live in northwest Missouri, and have tons of writing experience. I started out writing exclusively about signing with babies, and since then, I’ve expanded considerably into many different parenting topics as well as topics outside the parenting spectrum.

Baby signing will always be my first love, however. The communication it afforded to me and my children was priceless and I love helping families learn how to bridge that precious period of time between wanting to communicate and full speech.

My online portfolio

Baby Talk by Monica Beyer (Tarcher/Penguin, 2006)

Teach Your Baby to Sign by Monica Beyer (Fair Winds Press, 2007)

Teach Your Baby to Sign Deck (Fair Winds Press, 2014)

Teach Your Baby to Sign, Revised and Updated 2nd Edition (Fair Winds Press, 2015)

Monica Beyer on SheKnows

Monica Beyer on Phactual

Monica Beyer on Pregnancy & Baby

Monica Beyer on allParenting

Contact me

If you need a question answered, check out my social media channels over there to the right. I’m online often and am happy to help.

Happy signing!

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