Willow signs dog

Willow signs dog

Your baby will talk some day, so what’s the point of using sign language with a child who doesn’t have a hearing problem?

There are numerous benefits to signing with a baby who has yet to string together those babbles into a recognizable word.

Infants taught sign language:

  • Can communicate wants and needs to their caregivers at an early age
  • Will have an earlier understanding of the English language
  • May learn to speak earlier
  • Could have an above-average ability later in life to learn a new language
  • May possibly have a higher I.Q.

Parents who sign with their baby may experience:

  • Lower frustration levels (for both parent and baby) because the baby can communicate with you
  • Deeper bonding with their baby because they have greater insight into their baby’s mind
  • A higher level of trust from their baby because he or she knows that you understand what he or she is trying to tell you
  • Satisfaction. What a great feeling it is to know that you can effectively communicate with your pre-verbal infant
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